Performance - Driven Personal Training For Any Fitness GoaL

Not your ordinary gym. Not some overrated meathead trainer. We’re powered by the latest science and elite coaching to help you reach your fitness goals faster than you ever thought possible.

We're not just trainers
We're teachers

Each session is designed with your specific goals in mind, and we take the time to educate you on proper form and technique so that you can continue to improve, even outside the gym.

Strength, Speed, Endurance. We'll Help You Build Them All.

When you visit our private gym, you get access to individualized training and nutrition that is science-based and optimal for your body’s needs. We offer:

  • Customized personal training plans for fat loss, muscle building, and general health
  • Nutrition plans
  • Supplementation protocols
  • Lifestyle Guidance and Accountability
  • Customized Personal Training plans

    Nutrition plans

    Lifestyle guidance

    Supplementation Protocols

    ROCK your workout, then

    At Hybrid Gym, we believe that your workout isn’t the most important part of your fitness journey. It’s the recovery afterward. We offer post-workout massages and recovery services, allowing you to maximize your results and minimize soreness and injury risk.


    Peak performance, here we come. Join our ever-growing community of success stories.
    Hybrid Gym is AMAZING! First of all the gym is spotless and had state of the art equipment and a boxing ring. The staff are incredible and supportive. I work with Jon Bond. He is knowledgeable, understanding, and encouraging. I’ve been doing the hybrid online training and have lost 18 lbs in 4 weeks. Jon breaks down every workout and nutrition question I have and really supports me. You can tell he’s invested in my success. If you’re looking to change your life, seriously come to Hybrid Gym.
    Kyle Wise
    After years of working out with friends or on my own, I hit a plateau that I couldn't breakthrough for a long long time. I decided to invest in a personal trainer to see if I could get different results and boy am I glad I chose to go with Hybrid Gym. Working with Jesse, I hit a weight goal that I've been trying to achieve for years in 1.5 months! Incredible. The facilities at Hybrid are top notch and more importantly they really know their stuff. Working out at Hybrid has been one the best decisions Ive made for myself this year.
    Andrew Tsai
    Hybrid gym has been one of the best gyms I’ve been too so far. The aesthetics and equipment are top tier. Impressed that they provide continuing education for the coaches in order to help their clients achieve their goals. My coach Stef was great, he kept me accountable and motivated. He walked me through my nutrition plan, one of my weakness, made suggestions for substitutions of certain foods. I was able to reach goals in 12 weeks that I had been unable to achieve in the year working out on my own. Highly recommend hybrid gym.
    Chisell Martorell
    I had a really great experience with Hybrid Gym! Jesse was my trainer and he did an incredible job! I lost 17 pounds in one month because of him and his guidance. I tried getting in shape on my own and failed miserably for years. Jesse was both a great motivator and teacher on nutrition and health!
    Jason Hale

    Getting started is simple

    The Hybrid process is simple and comprehensive, and our coaches put their best into each session to ensure you get the most benefit in and out of the gym.

    Step 1. Book Your Consultation

    Before your personal training starts at Hybrid Gym, you’ll meet with one of our expert trainers to understand what the Hybrid process can deliver and how it can be tailored to your specific health and fitness goals. Ince we’ve established your needs and timeline, you’ll be paired with a Hybrid Gym coach who will be best suited to your unique goals. Once you’re matched, we’ll introduce you to your coach via email before booking your first session.

    Step 2: Your First

    Your first session with your coach will be approximately 60-90 minutes. Your coach will learn about your nutrition habits, lifestyle, training history, current or past injuries, and more. We’ll measure your body fat and/or circumference and take some “before” pictures, which are necessary to gauge your success with the program. From there, we’ll conduct a movement and mobility assessment before completing a short introductory workout for your coach to see you in action. Get ready to start your comprehensive training plan geared towards getting you in the best shape of your life!

    Step 3: Make Progress

    Let’s have some fun! Your coach will work with you to implement a plan to achieve your specific goals within your timeframe optimally. The Hybrid process includes bi-weekly body composition measurements and nutrition monitoring to gauge your progress. We’ll support you in choosing supplements and recovery protocols to accelerate your body’s regeneration. Then, we’ll add resistance training to improve your strength, performance, and aesthetics.

    Have questions?
    We've got answers

    We know getting started on your fitness journey can be overwhelming. That’s why our team is here to support you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have along the way. Book a consultation today to learn more about how Hybrid Gym can help you reach your fitness goals. We can’t wait to start your journey with you at Hybrid Gym. Get ready to become the strongest, healthiest version of yourself!