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Daniella Means


As the General Manager and Co Owner of Hybrid Gym Los Angeles, Daniella is passionate about supporting members in achieving their fitness goals. Her fitness career started teaching fitness bootcamp classes and CrossFit before building a successful meal prep company in Hong Kong. This then led her to successfully managing one of the most prestigious Personal Training companies in the world before turning her attention to developing Hybrid Gym LA.

Since 2015, Daniella has competed in powerlifting around the world and is a record holder, Asian Champion and World Champion. She is also a former international rugby player, amateur Strongman competitor and is currently a competitive IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. 

Most days Daniella can be found on the gym floor training and motivating clients spreading an infectious energy and second to none level of customer service which can be seen spread throughout the whole Hybrid Gym LA culture. 

Jon Bond


Jon is a fitness industry veteran with over 3 decades of experience. He has worked in all aspects of the fitness business – from personal training to fight coaching, trainer education and development, recruitment to ultimately becoming a successful gym owner and CEO of HYBRID.

Jon has international experience having managed and built gyms in 5 different countries, the UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and the US. Originally from the North of England, Jon has worked with hundreds of athletes, professional fighters and thousands of everyday individuals managing and guiding personal trainers and coaches across the UK, US, Asia and Australia.

He is a former professional Boxer and MMA athlete, Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, and elite Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Jon’s mission is to improve the quality of as many lives as possible by sharing his love for health and fitness around the world.

Hybrid Gym LA

We draw from a diverse range of sources to create our methodology. Our team of expert trainers, who are leaders in their field, have been informed by multiple training styles with different backgrounds, such as:

Move, feel and look better through the power of strength training with HYBRID. Improve muscle tone, and enhance overall body functionality and build a bulletproof body that you feel confident in.

Unleash your inner fighter with our small group Boxing classes, where you’ll learn powerful strikes, improve agility, and boost cardiovascular endurance.

HYBRID’s specialized training programs are designed to optimize your physical abilities, increase speed, agility, and power.

Track your progress using hard data with our Body Composition Scanning services, providing accurate measurements of body fat, lean mass, bio age, and more to gain insight into your body’s changes over time.

If you’re looking to sculpt your physique and build the body you’ve always dreamed of, we have you covered, especially under the watchful eye of our General Manager Daniella Means who is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Our comprehensive bodybuilding programs are tailored to help you build muscle, improve definition and get you lean.

Join us and learn the art of eight limbs where you’ll learn how to execute powerful strikes with your fists, elbows, knees and shins while enhancing your fitness. HYBRID’s Muay Thai Kickboxing program is the ultimate workout and stress reliever.

Take your recovery to the next level with our Massage Therapy services, where our skilled therapists will melt away your tension and promote relaxation through Swedish, or Deep Tissue massage.

Experience the ultimate recovery hack to help you get back to your optimal state of health and well-being. Red Light Therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to treat the skin to accomplish a range of benefits including activating the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow and circulation, skin healing, repairing and restoring soft connective tissue, decreasing inflammation, and lowering effects of oxidative stress. 

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