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DTLA’s Friendliest Group Boxing Class Experience!

Learn how to box in a supportive community, shed weight and become the fittest version of yourself, ever.

Our small group classes are non-stop and action packed from start to end. You’ll learn the basic fundamentals of boxing technique while getting a great workout and meeting new people on the same mission! Each class burns over 500 calories and is guaranteed to have you fighting fit, fast.

Why Choose Our Beginner-Friendly Classes?

Start your boxing journey with our tailored small group classes at HYBRID Gym LA. Perfect for beginners, our sessions blend expert guidance with a supportive atmosphere, ensuring a seamless introduction to the sweet science of boxing.

✅ Expert Coaches – Our seasoned coaches boast years of experience, providing personalized attention to help you grasp the fundamentals with confidence.

✅ Small Group Setting – Enjoy an intimate learning environment, fostering camaraderie among beginners and creating a supportive community.

Step-by-Step Instruction – Master footwork, punches, and defensive techniques at your own pace, building a solid foundation for future success.

✅ Inclusive Atmosphere – Join a diverse group of enthusiasts, embracing a beginner-friendly vibe that encourages growth and mutual support.

Master the Art of Boxing While Incinerating Calories

Discover a boxing class program that goes beyond technique refinement—our specialized sessions are crafted to sculpt your body, torch calories, and enhance overall fitness.

👊 Technique + Transformation: Experience the perfect blend of skill development and body transformation in every session.

🔥 Intense Workouts – Embrace the boxing rounds and intervals that push your limits, maximizing calorie burn and fitness gains.

🏋️‍♀️ Comprehensive Results – Achieve a well-rounded transformation as you build strength, endurance, and shed those unwanted pounds.

Ready to Unlock Your Fitness Potential?

From beginners to seasoned boxers, our classes offer a fun and challenging journey to elevate your fitness.

Join Us today to experience the excitement – your next level awaits!


Ready to rumble? Secure your spot and book your first boxing class at HYBRID Gym LA!

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