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Don’t Copy Past Success

By Hybrid Gym LA

Your job is not to be a better version of your older self. That older version of you is gone forever. Your job is to be the best version of who you are in this moment and forever continue to build upon that momentum throughout your life.

Don’t try to replicate something that worked in the past. Move forward with the understanding that the 2.0 version of yourself will never be able to bring in the 3.0.

There is a philosophy in the upper echelons of the strength training community that share this idea. It operates on the principle that the training methods a person used to achieve a 600lb squat will not fulfill their desire to reach 800lbs. In other words, the strategies employed to achieve one success will not serve your efforts going further. The same goes for life. Whatever we’ve found useful to arrive at a successful point in our life can never deliver us to the next level. To continually ascend we must recognize our adaptations and change according to our new surroundings.