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Habitual Thinking

By Hybrid Gym LA

We’ve all developed habits by consistently performing something a certain way, over and over again. Whether it’s the most effective way to accomplish something doesn’t cross our minds because after a certain number of repetitions it’s far easier to simply turn on autopilot and complete the task at hand. However, issues can arise when we struggle to tell the difference between habitual thinking and intuition. When habits start to feel like intuition, it has the tendency to keep us stuck in the familiar, which isn’t always the best way to get things done. If we’re struggling to overcome something in our life — weight loss, relationship woes, career stagnation — using the same habitual thought processes that led us to this point, it may be time to step out of the familiar line of thinking you’re accustomed to by listening to the voice of intuition. Therefore, it becomes important to realize that you can’t change something with the same line of thinking that got you there to begin with.