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Mind And Body

By Hybrid Gym LA

Most people think of their body as only a vehicle, distinctly separate from the mind, passively carrying them through life, only needing the intervention of a doctor-mechanic to fix what’s broken, or at least temper the symptoms of suffering with a prescription to dull any physical discomfort and allow them to continue with their mental effort. But one cannot work optimally without the other. An alchemy exists between the mind and body that allows us to operate at a higher level if both are respected. It affects the quality of our thought, as much as the way we walk, talk, and act. The union of muscles and intellect create an indefatigable spirit that makes us a more complete human than if we were to develop one area at the expense of another. For example, if you combine athletic talent with great intelligence, you’ll have greater depth than anyone who is only familiar with half of that experience.