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Nothing Quells Anxiety Better Than Action

By Hybrid Gym LA

We don’t procrastinate because we’re too busy, we do it because we’re scared of discomfort. Change that today! Watch inspiration take hold and pave the way toward a new life. You’ll be surprised how far you can go if you stop letting fear dictate your momentum. Embrace the resistance, the challenge, and the change. There is a reason successful people have more opportunities, it’s because they take more chances. Those chances are what harden us against the call to come back inside where it’s safe, and open us up to a new reality.

How do you know when you arrive at the threshold for change? You hear the voice of resistance — the invisible force of self-sabotage, pride, and ego — pleading for your comfort and safety; “it’s too risky, you shouldn’t do it.” But do it anyway, because nothing quells anxiety better than action. 

The only better time than now to make a decision to improve your health or your life, was yesterday and you’ll never get that back.