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Nothing Worth Having Is Easy

By Hybrid Gym LA

Recently, I confronted a client of mine about why her progress had stalled. She confided in me that she broke down, strayed from the nutritional recommendations and eaten A LOT of  something we agreed was not on the menu. She wanted to know if she messed up the whole program. I told her no. You took a step backwards, but you didn’t ruin the whole thing. Just continue doing the program as we talked about, as if this didn’t happen. Dwelling on the past will only make the situation worse, and we are both here to make you better. I told her to take this opportunity to transform a breakdown into a breakthrough. The fact that you are interpreting what happened as a mistake shows your desire to change, and that is a positive. Use that energy to propel you forward.

We all mess up in one way or another. Personally, I think it’s better to do so on your way to success than at the end. There’s nothing like achieving what you want, only to have it taken away after the ceremony. If you can learn along the way, you can make small changes to redirect your resolve. It’s all part of the Hero’s Journey, you start off strong, sometimes you stumble, or even worse you fall, but each time you get up you know a little more than the last time and can get a little further than before.

Nothing worth having is easy.