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Start Now, Adjust Later

By Hybrid Gym LA

We all have something we want to do. Instead of diving in with what we have at our disposal, we find reasons to wait until the perfect time when we have all the gadgets, supplies, or time we think we’ll need to start. But that isn’t how the nature of the world works. It is the nature of things to progress through acting, making mistakes, and correcting course. 

A tree doesn’t plan its ascent to the sky, it just grows. Continually adjusting its path toward the sun along the way, it finds the best course.

To do anything, it’s best to simply start — right where you are. You cannot correct course if you are standing still, pondering on the vicissitudes of life. You cannot change or correct “nothing.” Your absence of movement, and lack of momentum, is the reason you haven’t accomplished that think you want to do. 

It’s like asking a photographer, “what is the best camera to use to capture a picture?” The best one’s will say, “the one you have,” because they know that all moments that aren’t captured are lost.

The best way to get anything done, is to start with what you have, in the moments you have them.