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There Are No Shortcuts

By Hybrid Gym LA

There are no shortcuts. I don’t want to hear about the new five minute workout you found on Instagram that you can do from the comfort of your own home, it’s bullshit. Any description of a workout with the word “comfort” is a waste of time and doesn’t work. Well… it might work for people who’ve forgotten that turning into a couch potato isn’t the same thing as going vegan. But don’t tell me that you honestly think five minutes of exercise is going to improve your quality of life.

There is an old country saying — shit or get off the pot. I think Nike stole it and translated it into Just Do It. Either way, both are an effective way of saying that you have to do the work to get the result. People don’t want to workout because it’s uncomfortable, they don’t want to change their diet because it’s unsatisfying, and they don’t want to improve their lifestyle because its inconvenient. But let me ask you how comfortable, satisfying, and convenient it is when you’re carrying around extra weight, slamming pills for your health problems, and fighting physical degeneration? The majority of discomfort comes from trying to REMAIN comfortable at any cost!

If you’re not willing to put in any effort toward improving your health, I just have to ask why? Is it because making the choices you know will make you better are too hard or uncomfortable? Should you go out to party? Order pizza for dinner? Skip the gym and sleep in? I guess it a much easier way to experience life, but is it really better? If this is you, I’ll never understand your mindset. Please don’t be one of those people who look around at others who have better health and say “I can’t believe how lucky that guy is, I could do that if…” STOP. You could do that if… what? You put in the time and effort? If you commit to whatever is making it work for him? If you’re willing to invest as much time as him? What is he doing that you can’t do? I’m pretty sure you could do the same if you wanted to. So, what’s stopping you? Please do not provide me with an excuse, because there will ALWAYS be one. And the WORST part about excuses is that they’re ALWAYS a valid way to give you a reason not to start. Shit or get off the pot. Know where you stand because there are no shortcuts to optimizing your life.