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Hy-Performance Paleo Protein


Hy-Performance Paleo Protein is a great-tasting beef protein powder produced by a proprietary filtration process yielding native beef peptides that are rich in essential amino acids and contain absolutely no lactose/dairy and minimal fat. The best part is that it’s Paleo-friendly!

Research continues to provide evidence that protein needs are greater in active individuals (especially those who exercise regularly) and the elderly. Hy-Performance Paleo Protein makes meeting your protein needs easy and convenient, especially for those on a Paleo diet regimen.

Here are the main benefits of Hy-Performance Paleo Protein supplementation:
• It is a complete protein source containing all essential amino acids
• It is easily absorbed/digested and contains no lactose or dairy
• It is suitable for a Paleo diet regimen
• Promotes an anabolic response to resistance training which supports muscular development
• Supports healthy body composition
• May reduce muscle protein breakdown during prolonged aerobic activities

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