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Curcumin 400x


Curcumin 400x is a revolutionary curcumin supplement featuring innovative BioCurc®—a patented ingredient that has been shown in clinical studies to surpass the bioavailability of virtually every other curcumin/ turmeric extract product on the market.


Curcumin is a key curcuminoid found in turmeric that has been shown to have a myriad of health benefits, such as supporting immune function, easing stress, relieving minor joint discomfort, reducing muscle soreness from exercise, aiding digestive function, and much more.


The trick when it comes to curcumin supplements and turmeric extracts is that the biologically active curcuminoids are normally not well-absorbed, resulting in minimal benefit (if any at all). Curcumin 400x is one of the first curcumin supplements to feature the revolutionary BioCurc® ingredient, which has vastly superior pharmacokinetic properties (meaning your body can actually utilize the curcumin).

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